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गृहपृष्ठEnglishTask force says amendment must in US backed MCC Bill

Task force says amendment must in US backed MCC Bill

Kathmandu. The taskforce of the ruling party of Nepal,Nepal Communist Party,(NCP) has said that US backed ‘the Millennium Challenge Compact, signed in 2017 between the Government of Nepal and the US Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation, is not good for the sake of national interest of Nepal.

The bill is currently under consideration in Parliament for approval.

US backed MCC has been widely criticized in Nepal.  This task force has  endorsed the conclusion of MCC related  task force was formed from the second meeting of the Central Committee to conduct a necessary study and submit a report with recommendations before reaching a decision on the agreement.

17th point of the report produced by the task force says “Clarifying the agreement in favor of national interest it should be modified and amended as required to endorse.”

Like was the task force has clarified the works of two chairmen of NCP. One chairman should be focused to government and another to party affairs. Both should coordinate while taking their specific decision. Party should run based on the charter of party and government on the constitution of Nepal.

The report says ” Chairman Comrade, KP Sharma Oli shall enjoy the responsibility of Prime minister for the tenure of this period of the House of Representative and lead the government basically shall be focused to the work of government.”

Likewise ,about another chairman, the report says ”  Chairman Comrade, Pushpakamal Dahal Prachand basically with executive authority operate party meetings, implement party decision and focused to whole party work responsibility.”

Members of the task force have expressed their believe saying “The implementation of the above presented appropriate conclusions by the task force will solve the problems in the internal life of the party, increase the dynamism and effectiveness of the work of the party and the government.”



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