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गृहपृष्ठEnglishCPN( Maoist Center ) faces challenges to save the ruling alliance and country falling in conflicts of international power games as well

CPN( Maoist Center ) faces challenges to save the ruling alliance and country falling in conflicts of international power games as well

Kathmandu. The Communist Party of Nepal( Maoist Center), the main convener  of the ruling alliance, has been facing challenges to save the ruling alliance and the country falling in conflicts of international power games as well.

As narrative is formed that political leaders are always run their course only to seek power , money and muscle , in some context it may be true but not all the time, especially small and week country’s leaders are worried to protect their country’s existence from threat  thrown to it. A top official of Maoist Center says the same worrisome contemporary issues to that the current political scenario is critical to protect the country from falling in an international power games run in the world stage.

The US had already thrown a net to trap Nepal in its security strategy and in some sense Nepal has been trapped. Former Prime Minister KP Sharma led government showed green signals at various points of political and diplomatic channels. Such signals have given strong space to bargain with the leadership of Maoist center. Maoist leadership especially chairman Prachand smelt a rat in the bag of the former PM Oli earlier and tried to bring him back but failed doing so that resulted to from the current ruling alliance. Under the pressure of same bargain chip, Maoist leadership allowed MCC endorsement in the parliament with some reservations. But another green signal of  the former PM Oli emerged as SPP in the country.

It is well known in the Nepalese political sphere that Prime Minister Sherbahadur Deuba is a pro- American Indian leader. Recently Deuba’s foreign affairs minister Mr. Dr. Narayan Khadka, tunes the US lyrics saying Indo- Pacific region is free and open. Mr. Khadka’ this statement casts doubts more among top leaders of Maoist Center. PM Debua is scheduled to visit the US. His visit is seen amid the current debate of the SPP issues.

Though the Deuba led government has denied to join the SPP but the letter sent from the government is not convincing completely.

Once any kind of assurance is given to the US during PM Deuba’s upcoming visit it will accelerate country falling in the conflicts of international power games running. The US wants any how to pick Nepal in its security strategy to counter and contain China’s growing influence.

The same official of Maoist Center expresses deep concern over such issues and says that the current political situation of Nepal is hyping.

Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (UML), Oli is supporting Deuba to join SPP. If Deuba plays in the space provided by Oli , this will hit the current ruling alliance and let the country falling in the international conflicts.

Such issues will be the main agenda of the upcoming central committee meeting of Maoist Center slated to be held on 3 July 2022 in Kathmandu. Earlier the meeting was scheduled to be held on 29 June 2022.

The party has said that the upcoming central committee meeting will be focused on the current political scenario, the review of the result of local level election, the preparation of upcoming federal and provincial election, the fulfillment of officials, members of standing committee, members of polit bureau and members of central committee.

According to the leader of Maoist , if Deuba had not stepped back to join SPP , the ruling alliance would have broken. Thanking Deuba for this step he said that how long Deuba would be committed is a question of unifying the alliance. The threat of breaking alliance is up to Deuba’s return from the US visit scheduled in the second week of July. The Maoist leader says the risk is still alive because the possibility of signing some kind of secrete agreement during his visit. Deuba may turn the current alliance aside from gaining power from UML chairman Oli.

As earlier Oli showed his intension of breaking the five party’s current alliance after the local level election during an interview made public before the election. Deuba will support the US thrown proposals of allowing Tibetan refugee status based identity card like documents that will enable refugee travel foreign countries easily. By such facilities the US will use them anti -Chinese activities in Nepal. Though Nepal Army has refused to military security agreements with the US but purchase of weapons is still on.

Such issues and activities are threat to national existence. The US has already said that Nepal has joined IPAS and SPP. The letter against the US statement sent from Nepal is not completely convincing.

These the current political issues are to be discussed in the central committee of Maoist Center. So the Maoist source says that Maoist Center has been facing challenges of protecting the ruling alliance and country falling in conflicts of international power games run in the world politics. He says emerging powerful Chinese clout can’t be ignored in this region.

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