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गृहपृष्ठEnglishIll diplomatic behavior shown while a Chinese high level delegation in Nepal

Ill diplomatic behavior shown while a Chinese high level delegation in Nepal


Kathmandu. Prime Sherbahadur Deuba led government has shown ill diplomatic behavior while a Chinese high level delegation led by Foreign Minister arriving Nepal.

Chief Minister of Karnali province, Jivanbhadur Shahi  organized a meeting with four foreign ambassador to Nepal.

Ambassadors of European Union, France, Germany and Finland met Chief Minister Shahi on Wednesday. Ambassador of the European Union to Nepal Ms. Nona Deprez, Ambassador of Germany to Nepal Mr. Thomas Prinz , Ambassador of France to Nepal and Ambassador of Finland to Nepal Mr. Pretti Anttinen were discussed with Chief Minister Shahi.

The news article also published in the state run national daily on the eve of the arrival of the very Chinese delegation.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrived in Kathmandu on Friday and at least 10 agreements are expected  be signed during Wang’s three-day stay in Kathmandu.

According to some diplomats the government should have cancelled the trip of those four ambassadors to Karnali. Chief Minister Shahi is known as an anti Chinese Campaigner and the four ambassadors meeting would affect the China Nepal relations.

Wang led delegation is the highest level visit by a Chinese delegation since Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba assumed office in July last year. The visit also comes amid geopolitical flux as well as emergence of some irritants in Nepal-China ties in recent times, especially in the wake of Kathmandu’s ratification of a $500 American grant.

Recently India has cancelled a UK’s high level delegation and welcomed Wang led delegation to India.

India could have welcomed both delegations at a time but it played its role as the international order shifting.

Saying ‘neighbors can’t be changed but friend can be’ is an important formula for good diplomatic behavior but Deuba led government failed doing so.

The information and communication ministry has been run by Deuba’s party member and the Gorkhapatra Daily is also under the party affiliated journalists.

And Shahi is also Deuba led party member. Under this circumstance, it has been calculated as an ill diplomatic behavior.

Such ill diplomatic behaviors can throw Nepal in critical juncture. Deuba and his party leaders should be careful.


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