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Rushing Ruling Party of Nepal toward splitting end

Current political wave in the ruling party of Nepal Communist Party of Nepal has been creating tension at the splitting end. No leader is sure about party unity. Some important statements recently made by the top leaders of the Communist Party of Nepal can unveil the current political scenario behind the curtain is running.
One of the party chairman, Prachanda, has made his conclusive statements – “We have to work to create the best possible situation. We,communists, must be prepared for the worst. Not everything is in our hands alone.”
Former Prime Minister and the party chairman Prachanda had also urged the journalist to be ready for the bad situation even if they continue talks and dialogue with the Prime Minister Oli faction to save the unity.
Former Prime Minister and party’s one of the senior leader of the party, Jhalnath Khanal made his statement clear that Prime Minister and the chairman of party KP Sharma Oli must obey the party ruling. Khanal has said ” KP comes to the party system, the party thinks it is ok, otherwise the party will not follow him.”
Another senior leader of the party and former PrimeMinister Madhav Kumar Nepal has said,” This is not a battle of position and convenience. It is related to making the party revolutionary, dynamic, running the party in a lawful manner, cultivating good culture and culture within the party, mobilizing the cadres well, disciplining them and establishing the party among the people in all respects.”
Political experts have concluded that no one should be surprised by hearing the news of division of the ruling party. It will be anytime.
Ball is in the court of Prime Minister Oli to kick to ward to unity or the division. Party leaders and party workers have been creating their efforts to keep the party unity but the monopoly of Prime Minister Oli has been throwing the force for dision.
Recently Prime Minister Oli appointed a defamed person for the post of the head of Investment Board. Appointment of Sushil Bhatta for the post of the chairman of the Investment Board of Nepal has trembled the blocks of party leaders and workers.
Bhatta has been appointed from the force of black listed companies of Nepal.  Within party a group defends his appointment another opposes. The disputed appointment has been made at the time when two chairmen of party PM Oli and Prachand were to conclude the conflicts of party.  The appointment has fuelled the ongoing conflicts.
Janardan Sharma and Barshman Pun like party leaders have defended the appointment. The duo leaders are known as close comrades of Prachand. Oli has taken the decision by passing the party leaders.  This doesn’t focus the good governance. This is not only disputed appointment. Oli’s previous appointments were highly disputed within party.  But Bhatta’s appointment made pro Oli and anti Oli standing face to face. The current conflicts of the party are not the result of hang over of former UML and Maoist party stand and sprit.
The discussion within party is now moving toward political , philosophic and economic issues of the party . Prachand and Khanal said that the party must be clear about the way of government and party.
Observing the government and the party one can easily conclude that at policy level they stand at socialistic approach but in behavior at broker based capitalistic approach. The burning question for the ruling party is whether it adopts liberal capitalism or socialism.
All senior leaders are for the socialism. The conflicts are not aimed to gain any post and prestige they are only to make the socialist dream true.
Dissatisfied leaders of ruling party of Nepal are cutting irons for founding basement of socialist revolution. But the role and work of the government of Nepal enjoying almost two third majority of the Communist Party failed delivering the fruits of socialism based economy among people. People are also disappointed by the role of the government.
Dissatisfied leaders have been engaged in discussions but their discussions are yet to reach the level of principles and ideological stand.
Finally  to achieve the goal keeping party unity remained stronger, the leaders of ruling party must pave the way of rules and regulations if not there will be no solution that lead party and the country.
Party leaders, including Prime Minister Oli must create a speed breaker on the way where the party is rushing toward splitting end.  The election for the next government is coming and people must be satisfied at least an average level. Divided mindset can’t deliver within a couple of years from now.

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