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गृहपृष्ठEnglishWill this Valentine Day break the heart of ruling alliance of Nepal?

Will this Valentine Day break the heart of ruling alliance of Nepal?

Kathmndu. The US intervention in Nepal’s internal affairs has created a strong wave again in the political sphere of Nepal. The decision of endorsing the MCC in parliament is only an independent responsibility of political parties of Nepal. Currently the confrontation between the ruler of US and the people of Nepal on the issues of the MCC has been rising. The US has directly come at front of intervening rather than its allies.

According to a leader of the ruling alliance, Mr. Chitrabahadur KC, Prime Minister and the Chairman of Nepali Congress , Sherbahadur Deuba said if national consensus was not formed , the MCC could be led forming consensus within the ruling alliance.   Mr. KC  said that he couldn’t understand the pressure behind PM Deuba’s stand of endorsing  the MCC in the parliament. According to him PM Deuba had reshuffled his stand five times about the issues of MCC.

On 9 February 2022, PM Deuba was seen more aggressive on the issues of MCC than previous meeting. He was seen to produce the MCC in the parliament at any cost. On 10 February 2022, the Nepali Congress Central Committee meeting has formally decided to table the MCC in the parliament. The decision of Nepali Congress can lead the political sphere of Nepal in different way. But all the political parties of the ruling alliance have clarified to stand against the MCC. The main opposition, CPN(UML) has said nothing after leaving the government. Pro the US leader of UML , Pradeep Gyanwali and Yuvraj Khatiwada have not clearly responded about the MCC. The UML has been throwing power to change the date of parliamentary meeting called on 14 February insisting. The UML has been disturbing the parliament since it was thrown to the opposition side. In the presence of UML hurdle and ignorance of the Speaker, how can Nepali Congress run its decision taken ahead?

Under the Western powers’ pressure of withdrawing support to the country if the MCC is not endorsed in the parliament, it is clear that theNepali Congress will flow their signals. The US ambassador to Nepal and its representatives have been aggressively active to have the MCC passed from the parliament of Nepal. It is seen that their ego has been hurt so they can use all efforts to do so.

What procedure will be adopted if the MCC is forcefully tabled in parliament? The UML has been seen creating hurdles not run the parliament. This shows that there is an agreement yet to be formed. Amid to the UML hurdle to table the MCC the Speaker must be positive. Suspending the Speakerfrom the court and appointing senior parliamentarian for the post to table the MCC. Is it possible way to pass it? PM Deuba has stalled many works for the sake of people. But for the disputed MCC, PM Deuba is seen aggressive to have passed. The scenario shows that there has been a big political conspiracy to be hatched.

The central committee meeting of Maoist Centre scheduled on 9 and 10 February has been cancelled.

If Nepali Congress shows efforts to pass the MCC unilaterally, the other political forces of the ruling alliance can have to leave. For the Maoist, the government will not be more important than the national interests. What will happen on the valentine day of 14 February or the day called for the parliament.


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