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गृहपृष्ठEnglishCan a Param Vir Chakra nurse Nepal and Nepali ?

Can a Param Vir Chakra nurse Nepal and Nepali ?

Yuvraj Rupakheti 

Don’t go beheading justified people of anywhere in the world

 Don’t make Gorkhali as senseless animal sold/ bought in the world

 Look back and do for your country is in state of incapable

Determine offered slavery as blur never acceptable

 To Burma, Rome, Iraq and Germany sending Gorkhali

Here making widows millions daughters of Nepali

 Life of Nepali exchanges for an empty like purse

See, how can a Param Vir Chakra, receivable after death, nurse?


Dhruba Gyawali expressed these lines were once one of the most popular songs among activists of campaign against Gorkha recruitment in Nepal fighting abroad. Here those lines are translated.

Almost all communist groups had opposed the seasonal Gorkha recruitment in Nepal. Many creators created such popular songs and poems during their campaigns. Many sang and danced there from where young lads were selected for the regiment. Time and again communists were fought even people’s war and people’s movement in Nepal.

Time and again communist leaders drove several governments in Nepal. Fortunately here almost two- third majority holder communist leaders led government is driving the government of Nepal.

Alas, unfortunately, nothing has been done by the NCP led government to honor those lines of late Dhruba Gyawanli. Still Nepali young lads are fighting to secure the borders of other by sacrificing their life just for an empty like purse. Their family members receive Param Vir Chakra like award after their death in a program organized which always fails to nurse even the dependable child and widow. Nepali young champs still sacrifice their life protecting the borders of India. Nepal has several border disputes with India. Nepal has no such border issues with Pakistan and China.  But Nepali men are enforced to pour their blood securing Indian border facing Pakistani and Chinese bullets under the Gorkha regiment. Those are unfortunate to fight with their friendly country rather than enemy one.

Gorkha recruitment is a symbol of defamation for Nepali.  A two third majority holder Nepali government has been ruling the country but young Nepali men are joining Gorkha regiment.

India and Pakistan have been fighting for their border since their formation confirmed by their British ruler. Since then Nepali should have returned to Nepal and serve for the country. They should have refused to fight against friendly country.

On 10 July 2020, Sambar Gurung ,36, permanent dweller of  Manbu , Arughat Village of Gorkha district took last breathe  at Nausera district in Indian occupied Kashmire receiving Pakistani bullet. He had been serving under Indian Army for 18 years.

Just 18 days ago 37 years old Dipak Karki of Gulmi district of Nepal lost his life at the same area receiving Pakistani bullet.

These two are the symbolic icon here presented. The list of such people is as long as that is not easy to show. India and Pakistan have been confronting some where their disputed border where Gorkha regiment facing frontiers. 39 battalions under Gorkha regiment have been functioning under the umbrella of Indian Army. Each battalion is formed with 856 persons. They are mostly recruited from Nepal. Now, more than 40 thousands of people serve in Gorkha regiment. Many of them now adopted Indian citizen but still a large number of Nepali people are fighting against friends of Nepal.

Bravery performed by Nepali people in the battle field during the war fought against and for British India in the name of Gurkha army has been main choice of continuing Gurkha regiment. India fought full scale of war against China and Pakistan and thousands of Nepali lost their life in those wars. Nepali people sacrifice their life at India Pakistan border confrontation.

Nepal is  declared Federal Republic not Rana ruled Nepal but situation is as Rana ruled Nepal where Gurkha youngsters were sold to British India for fighting wars for them.

India has been encroaching Nepali borders but Nepali people are fighting for securing Indian borders from Pakistani and Chenese army instead of securing Nepali land from Indian army.

Nepali people would have deployed along Nepal India border. Should Nepali ignore the encroached land of Nepal? Should Nepali people be allowed to join Indian army? Should Nepali Government keep its eyes closed before such situation of Nepali people?

These are burning questions which were sung by Dhrub Gyawanli like Nepali. In the days of colonial system, Nepali were under British India but now Nepali are serving in France, Italy and US Army.  Nepali men are deputed as security guard in Singapore and Arab countries.

India failed to honor the gentleman agreement that Nepali would not allow to fight in Hindu Muslim riots and against Nepal.

Nepal must talk with India about the formation of Gurkha regiment. Especially about the deployment of Nepali persons under Gurkha regiment. Nepali must not be deployed at the border of Pakistan and China like friendly country of Nepal.

India must be honor the gentleman agreement instead of exploiting the weak economic condition of Nepali family. India must honor the contribution of Gurkha army in the contemporary world.

All Nepali and those family who send their loving sons to join Gurkha regiment must think of a question is alive ‘can a Param Vir Chakra like medal nurse Nepal and Nepali forever? or the alternatives should be formed possibly sooner.

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