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US attacks on China with COVID-19 outbreak

Pampha Bhusal

Observing the whole scene of the outbreak of COVID-19, one can see that the US has been attacking Chinese economic and political system.

The US leadership and its agents of worlds created propaganda against China that the outbreak was the product of Chinese political system during the extreme of Wuhan in Hubei Province of China.

The World Health Organizations has declared now that Europe has become the epicenter of the epidemic. The spread of the virus has been increasing day by day in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and UK like major countries.

Achieving the early success in controlling and preventing Wuhan from the risk of the outbreak, China has started helping other countries to control the spread of coronavirus. The act of sending support team to Italy like countries has been commendable step of China.

Though from where the virus originated has been seen disputed but its wildfire spread seen first in China. Researchers are analyzing the health chronology of the outbreak of COVID-19 to conclude its origination but indeed it has become the common enemy of humankind. It is imperative of the whole world to fight against the virus.

Some people calculate every event for their own profit rather than society or country as a whole. They never have humanity, unity and cooperation like issues in their priority.

At the early stage of outbreak in Wuhan, the US and its western allies presented their role to hunt China. They used coronavirus as their arrows, against the political and economic system of China. They forgot that coronavirus was not their weapon to attack it was epidemic. An epidemic knows boundary. A disease is not an opportunity to gather profit for a country. A disease is danger for humankind. To protect and preserve the whole humanity from any common threat there is only formulae ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. China has proved this by controlling the spread rate of coronavirus at zero level. The attempt of Chinese leadership shows that success in controlling the virus only sharing information technology, experience and keeping good cooperation.

The countries who fought the World war first, thought against such wining thought.  The US with its allies kept secrecy about epidemic in 1918. They used it as their strategy. Finally, in 1918 the epidemic killed more than 17 million people in world. More than half of million people were killed by epidemic virus in the US.

After the fall of 45 years of cold war, the USSR ,  the major leader among the winners of the Second World War, was collapsed .Can the formulae of the cold war  weaken China that emerged with the most advanced technology of  the world? The US president Donald Trump had announced trade war against China before the COVID-19 outbreak seen in  Wuhan. Both, the economies, the US and Chinese, lost much  that lowered the growth of the world.  The act of the US has been seen destroying the Chinese economy. And now the US has taken Iran at its target. But the reality of the US played moves creating traps for its own. By the trade war not only Chinese economy was affected but also the US was affected as well as the global economy. In 2008-2009, during the slowdown of the world economy China protected its economy. The trade war has become suicidal goal for the US so as as expert saying the COVID -19 will be. The early victory of China against coronavirus shows that the emergence of China will be institutionalized with the world unity and cooperation for solution of the world. Harmful nationalism of the US will replace from its place of the world leadership. The emergence of China is standing on the base line of ‘United we stand, divided we fall’.

(Based on the conversation with Pampha Bhusal, Standing committee member of NCP and member of parliament of Nepal )

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