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गृहपृष्ठEnglishChief whip of NCP congratulates Xi for preliminary victory against COVID-19

Chief whip of NCP congratulates Xi for preliminary victory against COVID-19

Kathmandu.  Dev Gurung, the Chief whip of Ruling Party NCP and member of standing committee, has expressed joy hearing the news of new zero infected found in Wuhan. Saying it is preliminary victory of the President as well as commander in chief of China Xi Jingping in the fight against coronavirus  he congratulated him. The Chief whip Gurung said that the success of people of China taught the whole world a great lesson for the struggle of humanity.

Further He said that behind the success of China  had been leadership of China, government , ruling party , solidarity , sense of responsibility and active role of people of China .

He valued the activities of people of China who provided service in the fight against coronavirus.

The role of President Xi who declared people’s war against COVID-19 led successfully his country, said Gurung talking with Jhilko online. Saying leaders of world should learn from the role played by Xi, NCP leader Gurung said that it had been commendable action that limited the outbreak.

Leader of China never lost his heart by the anti Chinese propaganda spread by the US and its western allies about coronavirus and got success in quelling the very virus. Gurung said that the US immediately withdrew its diplomats from China and started propaganda for terrifying people about the outbreak of virus. The US and its allies started terrifying people of the world without any scientific fact this show that creates doubts about the role of the US. Finally , saying Chinese leadership had achieved success that must be saluted Gurung expressed his good wishes for Xi’s further success for the sake of China and its people.

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