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Karnali Province’s Political Message to PM Oli

Kathmandu. The Government of Karnali Province led by the Chief Minister  Mahendra Bahadur Shahi has been secured. Four members of CPN(UML) crossed the bench of UML supported  the government of Shahi. The UML had 20 members and it is single largest party. Four of Senior leader of UML Madhavkumar Nepal supported Shahi led government.

Maoist Centre’s  12, Nepali Congress has 6 and UML’s 6 votes secured the government in Karnali. 15 UML voted against Shahi.

Federal receives new message

The voting in Karnali Province has given a new message to Federal government.  The House of Representative has now only 271 members out of 275. To form government it requires only 136 members’ vote. Congress enjoys 61, Maoist Centre enjoys 49 and JSP enjoys 32 in the House. The division in JSP has created problem to form a government replacing PM KP Oli. The situation of floor cross threatened Oli. Madhav Nepal led group has clearly threatened Oli that they will cross floor in the formation of federal government. In the Federal Houser UML enjoys 121 votes. Senior leader Nepal group holds 38 out of 121. If Nepal orders to cross the floor they will do so.  From Karnali Province Madhav led group has given message to Oli.

In Gandaki Provincie the front of Congress, Maoist Centre , JSP and National Front have formed alliance against the Chief Minister Prithivisubba Gurung and the alliance has registered the no vote motion.

Likewise in Lumbini Congress , Maoist Centre and JSP have  formed alliance against the  Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel and thinking to register the no vote motion. If Madhav led group crosses the floor the UML led government in Province one and Bagmati Province , there will be new government in both the provinces.

Karnali has given a clear threat to PM KP Oli that Oli led government will fall any time when Madhav led group wants.

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