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गृहपृष्ठEnglishNCP leader expresses happiness by preliminary victory against COVID-19

NCP leader expresses happiness by preliminary victory against COVID-19

Kathmandu . A former minister of Nepal and leader of NCP , the ruling party of Nepal, has expressed happiness by noticing that China has achieved  the preliminary victory the Xi declared the people’s war against COVID-19.

Former Minister Ram Karki said that people of Nepal had been taking feeling of China and  its people their own feeling. Such  pshycology of Nepali people has been developed as Nepali people found China ,a savior, whenever Indian dominance took its height.  Also Marxist vision of Nepali people creates pro Chinese psychology. China is adjoining neighboring country and wellwisher of Nepal. Chinese assistance to Nepal has been proved. Former Minister Karki expressed his happiness hearing the news that China won preliminary victory against coronavirus to Jhilko online.

He said “The redeness against coronavirus seen in China shows its economy’s strength but also its strength in technology and science has been proven by its achievement controling outbreak of coronavirus.”

He further said,” Such epidemic knows no boundary. If its outbreak was not in China ,such international attention would not be seen.Western countries and their leaders with biasness attacked China pointing on outbreak of coronavirus relating to its political system.”

He said that America had been  a powerful hurdle to solve the problems of humanity of world. Saying the Capitalism culture of American dominance has been major threat of the whole humanity he said the Capitalism of America will create more problems in the days ahead.

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