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गृहपृष्ठEnglishRAW Chief Goyal’s Visit deepens internal conflicts in Ruling Party of Nepal

RAW Chief Goyal’s Visit deepens internal conflicts in Ruling Party of Nepal

Kathmandu . India state machinery has intensified the internal conflicts in the ruling party of Nepal by sending Mr. Samant Kumar Goyal, the chief of the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW).

Generaly activities of RAW are not accepted in Nepali political sphere. During the tension between Nepal and India about the western border encroachment by India, Nepal was expecting a high level political leader’s visit but the visit of Indian army chief was finalized after neutralizing defense minister of Nepal.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli took the reign of defense ministry and another hand he gave green light to arrange the visit of Indian army chief MM Naravane in November 2020.

Before Naravane’s visit, RAW chief Mr. Samant met Prime Minister Oli at Prime Minister House Baluatar for couples of hour in midnight and returned.

By this visit the Executive Chairman of Party Pushpakamal Dahal Prachand and senior leader Madhavkumar Nepal like leaders of NCP have been stunned.

The visit has been seen at the crucial internal battle led by PM Oli and Prachand backed by senior leader Nepal and Jhalnath Khanal is on and PM has been widely criticized.

Demonstrating himself in recent past PM Oli accused Prachand ,Nepal and Khanal like leaders of creating problems backed by India special by RAW.

And now Oli welcomed RAW chief at Baluatar and had two hours talk. Goyal’s this second visit of Nepal has been seen when territorial encroachment tension is on.

According to some source, RAW has created territorial dispute at Nepal China border of Humal district which is being fueled by Nepali Congress the chief opposition of Nepal. Another side Goyal met and had talked with Oli.

The wave of Goyal can be seen easily in social media since his arrival.


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