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गृहपृष्ठEnglishWhat happened to Badal, Top Bahadur, Mani and Lekhraj after KP Oli declared February 1 as ‘Violence Day’?

What happened to Badal, Top Bahadur, Mani and Lekhraj after KP Oli declared February 1 as ‘Violence Day’?

Kathmandu. Chairman of CPN-UML KP Sharma Oli has accused the people’s war started by CPN-Maoist as a ‘day of violence’. He said this at the ‘Vishwashanti Prarthana’ book launch program organized on the occasion of his birthday at his residence in Balkot today. A few years ago, Oli celebrated his birthday at his ancestral home by cutting a cake shaped like the map of Nepal. At that time, he was highly criticized.

UML is also a component of the current ruling coalition. UML is also included in the government. The government itself has decided to give a public holiday on People’s War Day. To say that sitting in the government and not accepting the decisions made by the government itself is exposing the dual character of UML.

After it was almost certain that his party would not get the president, Oli has started talking again. Oli, who cursed the Maoists during the last local, state and federal elections, softened towards the Maoists after the election results.

How could Ram Bahadur Thapa (Badal), Top Bahadur Rayamazhi, Mani Thapa and Lekhraj Bhatta, who fought the People’s War after hearing such words of Oli, who insulted the people’s war, have endured the insult of KP Oli in the UML party? Although this statement of KP Oli was aimed at the Chairman of Maoist and Prime Minister Prachanda, it is assumed that this speech of his will surely hit these leaders of the pre-people’s war period like a cannon shot.

Due to the Maoists’ people’s war, the country has now achieved federalism, secularism, inclusiveness, proportional system and other achievements. But now UML led by KP Oli is opposing federalism. The people’s war was the foundation of the country’s democratic republic. However, KP Oli is such a character, who, while demanding a republic by overthrowing the monarchy, made the statement that ‘America cannot be reached by train.’ 

UML is now against the national consensus put forward by Prachanda on the issue of presidential election. The word ‘national consensus’, which sounds dear, is not only for the parties but for the good of the country.

After the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Maoist Center Prachanda took the stand that the proponents of the 12-point agreement should be united, KP Oli became even more confused. Because KP Oli was not among the seven political parties that signed the 12-point agreement. Acting President Amrit Kumar Bohra on behalf of CPN (UML) signed the agreement to bring Maoists into peaceful politics in 2063.


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